Non-Surgical Face Lifts

At CDIC, we are leading experts in dental implants, cosmetic dental treatments and dentofacial aesthetics. Each of our patients is completely unique, and we promise to provide accurate and precise information, the best treatment options and a compassionate hand to guide you through your decision making.


Restore youth, balance and vibrancy to your face

Sun exposure, genetics, environmental polution and ageing can all take their toll on your skin and the underlying tissues. If you are looking for a low risk, low downtime cosmetic procedure that can enhance your natural beauty, you may wish to consider a non-surgical and minimally-invasive face lift to enhance your smile and appearance.

How does treatment work?

Compared with a surgical facelift performed by a plastic / cosmetic surgeon, our non-surgical and minimally-invasive face lift doesn’t require a large incision, general anaesthesia or hospitalisation. The treatment can be performed quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime and low risk of complications. Speak to Dr. Hillel New about your desired facial aesthetic goals and smile makeover and let him help bring your new smile to life.

*There are limitations to the results that can be achieved with ‘lifting’ and ‘smooth’ threads and treatment outcomes are dependent on many factors.


Facial Rejuventions with Dr Hillel New

Dr. Hillel New and his team of qualified and professional clinicians offer a revolutionary face lifting technique that lifts and sculpts the tissues and skin of your face, correcting sagging skin around the neck and jawline, which can add volume to areas of the face impacted by the ageing process. The end results? A refreshed, rejuvenated smile – without having to lie on an operating table and undergo major surgery with extended post-surgical downtime and risk.

Uplifting your appearance at CDIC

Offering a comprehensive set of facial rejuvenation treatments, we can support you through the process of boosting your appearance, helping you understand every option and would be the best for your individual needs. Achieve all of your appearance dreams at the best facial rejuvenation clinic in Melbourne, CDIC.