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Dental Implants

Tailor made for a natural looking alternative to replace missing teeth
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Quality Dental Implants for your Lasting Smile

We tailor treatment options for your individual situation. All options are discussed thoroughly so you are aware of the advantages, disadvantages, risks, costs and relevant treatment success rates. This is the essence of informed consent and our role is to ensure we build a long-term relationship which is significant towards achieving long term successful treatment outcomes. For most people, dental implants are considered the procedure of choice when choosing to replace lost teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The first consultation will most likely involve the taking of 3 dimensional radiographs to visualize and assess the area to be treated and determine whether a dental implant is appropriate for the case. If favourable to proceed, further appointments are made to prepare the bone for the implant fixture(s). The implant is embedded into the bone to replace the missing tooth root. After a short healing period, a digital impression of the implant is taken, recording its position. This impression is then delivered to our sent via email to our team of dedicated dental technician and the implant restoration is designed. Once the design has been approved by your dental surgeon, the restoration will be contructed using the very latest techniques and best materials available.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that replaces a missing tooth root onto which a dental prosthesis can be attached. The implant treatment is usually made up of two separate procedures: the surgical stage where the titanium screw in placed directly into the jawbone, and the prosthetic phase, which involves attaching the prosthesis (porcelain crown, bridge or denture) and securing it in place.

Dental implants replace the form and function of missing teeth.

A dental implant helps to replace your lost tooth / teeth. It protects the quality of bordering teeth, preventing other teeth from collapsing in and around the gap left by your lost tooth / teeth. An implant restoration in most cases, looks and feels like a real teeth and can prevent further bone loss and gum recession in that area.

The cost of dental implants can alter significantly depending on a number of factors. Here at the CDIC, we offer you an obligation-free consultation to determine the best treatment solutions for your dental situation. We are then able to provide you with an accurate estimate for your treatment.

This will depend on the level of your cover. If you’re considering a dental implant, we suggest making contact with your health fund to check your coverage.

The duration of dental implant treatment varies significantly depending on your condition and the method by which your treatment is carried out. It can be completed in as little as one to two days, or in some more extensive complex cases completed in 12 months or more. There will usually be a series of appointments and follow-up visits over this period.

This is possible, depending on your post operative recovery and the type of procedure you have had. Dr New and his team will work closely with you to assess the best option.

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