Teeth Whitening

Safe and effective treatment to brighten your smile. Teeth whitening is completed in the chair or at home with custom trays, bleaching away discolouration and giving you a dazzling smile ready to turn heads.


Restoring tooth brightness

Teeth whitening is an effective and painless method of lightening the colour of enamel, improving the appearance of stained yellow teeth and more deeply discoloured teeth. Our professional teeth whitening includes the use of safe chemical agents to remove discolouration both on the surface and within the structure of teeth. At CDIC, we offer two types of teeth whitening treatment: a powerful in-chair whitening system and take home whitening maintenance kits.


In-chair teeth whitening

Getting your teeth whitened at the dentist provides a quick and effective way to lighten their appearance and remove unwanted stains. An in-chair teeth whitening procedure begins with a thorough dental examination to assess whether any restorative work is required first, including decay removal and fillings. From there, the dentist applies a strong peroxide whitening gel that enters each tooth and bleaches away discolouration. The gel may be re-applied multiple times in a single visit to achieve an improvement of multiple shades. 

Take home whitening kit

Often used to augment in-chair whitening, our take home teeth whitening helps to ensure your results are long-lasting. Each whitening kit consists of custom trays — made from impressions of your teeth and designed to fit gently over your teeth — along with some professional-strength teeth whitening gel. The gel is placed in the trays and worn for a specified length of time, and we recommend avoiding any food and drink with strong colourings for around 10 to 14 days to maximise results.


When to get teeth whitening

Dental whitening is most common when a patient has significant stains on their teeth that have been hard to remove through their regular dental routine. Stains can be caused by food and drinks like coffee, spices and berries, as well as smoking, or through injury and damage. Our teeth whitening process can rapidly lighten your teeth by multiple shades, reversing discolouration and whitening the appearance of your enamel.

Many patients will also opt to whiten their teeth if they have an event coming up, like a wedding or birthday. In most cases, the effects of whitening will last anywhere from six months up to two years, but the longevity will depend on how well you look after your teeth.

Aftercare for teeth whitening

To ensure the effects of your teeth whitening procedure last as long as possible, there are a number of important teeth whitening aftercare measures you can take. The primary focus is on your diet: coloured foods and drinks should be completely avoided for the first 48 hours, and then slowly brought back into your regular diet. Safe to include in your diet include water, milk, bananas, chicken, egg whites and white pasta. Your dentist can help you understand what you should or should not eat.

Additionally, patients should rinse their mouth after each meal to remove any excess food debris, and keep up a regular dental routine, including flossing and brushing at least twice a day. Using a straw can minimise the contact between your teeth and any liquids. Opt for smudge-free lipstick and avoid smoking as much as possible.

Whiter smiles at CDIC

Professional whitening can produce impressive and fast results, providing improvements to the colour and brightness of your enamel. Our years of experience in cosmetic dentistry will help you remove discolouration and stains with comfortable teeth whitening services and tailored plans to suit you.

We welcome all new patients from across Melbourne and interstate looking for the highest standard of care. Book in an obligation-free consultation today to find out how we can help you begin your smile transformation.