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Cosmetic Dental Fillings

A lasting confident look with seamlessly bonded natural cosmetic dental fillings.

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At CDIC Dental, we don’t believe black amalgam fillings are bad for you, but when necessary their replacement with Cosmetic Fillings is predictable, safe and easy. Old metallic fillings can be unsightly and many people nowadays have ones that are deteriorating with leaky margins at risk of further decay. Amalgam fillings have also received a lot of unfair criticism in the past from different groups of allied health professional with little or no objective data to support their claims. High levels of mercury and other heavy metals in the body have been blamed on peoples amalgam fillings, yet people who have never had a filling in their life have been found to have similar high levels. One cannot dispel alternative sources of these high metal levels in the body, especially form dietary intake, in particular fish caught in the ocean or the bays around which we live.

Traditionally metal fillings were placed because of their low cost and the technical ease in placing them. Amalgam fillings often last longer than most other filling materials, especially when compared to the older style of white tooth coloured materials. One reason for this is that the tooth coloured materials are very technique sensitive and many dental practitioners placing the new cosmetic fillings are not adhering to the strict placement protocols required, such as using rubber dam when possible and strong curing lights. With the advent of the new generation of tooth coloured cosmetic filling materials and the development of sound placement technique protocols, the results we achieve with cosmetic tooth coloured fillings at CDIC have been remarkable.

Tooth Coloured Cosmetic Fillings – How Are They Placed?

In almost every case, a rubber dam barrier is placed around the teeth being treated and adjacent teeth preventing not only debris being swallowed or inhaled, but ensuring a moisture free environment for the placement of the new cosmetic filling. Having a moisture free environment, means that the bond and seal between the tooth and the cosmetic filling is strongest. Often we use a combination of white cosmetic filling materials with differing viscosities and shades reducing the stresses within the material as its built up and cured.

In some cases where a tooth may have a minor stress fracture or crack in the enamel, a tooth coloured adhesive fillings will often be the material of choice – internally reinforcing the remaining tooth structure and helping to prevent the fracture or crack propagating (spreading).

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