Implant-Retained Dentures

Natural-looking replacements for people missing all of their upper or lower teeth. Implant-retained dentures sit between traditional dentures and full mouth implants, providing a discreet and effective solution to missing teeth.


What are implant-retained dentures?

Dentures are a type of dental prosthesis — often referred to as ‘false teeth’ — made of acrylic material to replace a full set of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Most dentures are traditionally designed to fit comfortably over the gums. However, without secure placement, dentures can feel loose and fall out, cause pain and ulcers, or irritate the gums.

To avoid these issues, implant supported dentures involve attaching the prosthesis to stable implant posts placed in the jaw. The prosthesis may be firmly attached so as to not be removable, or placed in a way that can be clipped on and off. The implants act as an anchor to stabilise your dentures, ensuring they don’t move while speaking or eating, helping them appear as close to natural as possible.

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Types of implant dentures

The type of implant-retained denture you receive will differ in one key area: whether they are fixed or removable. Your dentist can help you understand which type is best suited for your personal needs, but both are capable of restoring a smile and holding dentures in place without movement.

Fixed implant dentures

Fixed implant dentures are designed to secure the denture prosthesis permanently in your mouth, ensuring they don’t shift or move at all. Prior to dentures being fitted, your dentist will place between 2 and 6 implants into your upper or lower jaw. Once these implant sites have healed, the prosthesis is attached to them in a procedure that can only be reversed by your dentist. 

In many cases, your dentures can be placed onto the implants 1 to 2 days after they have been placed. Fixed implant dentures — similar to All on Implants — are ideal for patients who need to replace an entire arch of teeth.

Removable implant dentures

Implants can also be used to support removable dentures — often called ‘overdentures’ — which can be clipped on and off by the patient. Each denture prosthesis has two fitting components that can attach to matching components screwed onto the implant posts. The components, called ‘Locators’, are often joined by a milled titanium bar to make attaching and detaching easier. 

A minimum of two implants are required for an implant overdenture in the bottom jaw, and four implants for an upper denture. An implant-retained overdenture is ideal when patients may not need to replace an entire arch of teeth, and can be a more cost effective treatment than fixed implant dentures. The removability also helps patients to more effectively keep their dentures clean. 


Getting dentures

To custom create a set of natural-looking dentures, your dentist will take an impression of your existing teeth and mouth anatomy, which will be used to construct the prosthesis. Your dentist will also examine your oral health and jaw bone density to find appropriate locations to place the implants, so they will be stable. The implants are placed under anaesthesia and given time to heal before the custom prosthesis is attached.

Benefits of implant dentures

Implant dentures provide a more stable and secure fit than conventional dentures, attaching to fixed posts instead of fitting around the gums. The security in their placement also helps to improve the variety of foods that can be eaten and makes speech more comfortable, with patients not having to worry about muscle clenching or their dentures falling out. Overall, implant dentures also improve facial aesthetics, helping patients to stop clenching their teeth and avoiding bone deterioration.

Secure false teeth at CDIC

Implant dentures, whether fixed or removable, can help to improve your quality of life, making eating, speaking and smiling that much easier. Our dedicated team has decades of implant experience and are passionate about seeing your smile restored. We deliver effective implant and denture procedures that leave our patients unable to keep from smiling.


Our team at CDIC is prepared to restore your teeth with a variety of quality, pain-free solutions. Book in an obligation-free consultation today to find out which treatment would be right for you and how we can help you begin your smile transformation.