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Single & Multiple Implants -
A Solution for A Larger Range of Problems

At CDIC, we utilise dental implants to solve many different dental problems. Single missing teeth, multiple missing teeth, entire jaws without teeth as well as denture stabilisation for those patients who already have dentures but are having difficulties with discomfort when eating or those that cannot be made stable.

The Process

A thorough medical and dental evaluation is first carried out. Dr. Hillel New and his team also need to assess whether or not enough bone exists in the required site for an implant of appropriate dimensions for the type of solution you require.

In most cases, the implants can be placed with a simple Local Anaesthetic, the experience from the patient’s perspective no more than what one may while have during a dental filling appointment.

The area is monitored over a short period of time (0 – 6 months) and then digital impressions are taken to register the position of the implant and adjacent teeth when present. The digital impression is then emailed to our dental laboratory where your crown or bridge is custom made for you.

Within a few visits, Dr Hillel New and his team can provide you with an implant solution that offers you the security and comfort of a healthy functioning mouth.

The result is a long-term replacement tooth / teeth that feels natural, comfortable, and looks good.

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Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental Implants work essentially as a replacement tooth root or foundation/support for a dental prosthesis. Dental Implants are small titanium or titanium alloy screws that are gently placed into your jaw bone. In most cases a short healing period is necessary, during which time a process described as osseointegration occurs – that is, the bone heals directly onto the surface of the implant.

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