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Custom Mouthguards

Custom-made mouthguards for optimum safety and comfort.

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Professional custom made Mouthguards are highly recommended and often compulsory for anyone involved in sports, from children through to adults. A custom mouthguard generally covers the upper teeth, offering protection for the teeth, jaw bone, soft tissues, lip and jaw joint. It is often thought that mouthguards are not necessary for traditional ‘non-contact’ sports, but at CDIC we disagree… just check out Eric Gordon of the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA loose a tooth during a non-contact fall on the court, and then Buddy Franklin of the AFL in his days at Hawthorn loosing a front tooth while playing against the Saints.

Your Mouthguard should:

Mouthguards can be made in the colours of most sporting teams, just ask at your impression appointment which one are available. On special request, colours of almost every sporting team can be sourced.

Younger patients are likely to need a new mouthguard every year as continued growth of the jaws and tooth eruptions will cause a mouthguard to become uncomfortable or just not fit right. To achieve the maximum benefit from your mouthguard it is important that the fit is perfect. For that reason, as a goodwill gesture, at CDIC we discount the cost of our mouthguards for younger patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At CDIC, we recommend against using the cheaper ‘off the shelf’ mouthguards that can be purchased from supermarkets, pharmacists or sporting goods stores. They can never be made to the same accuracy as a professional custom mouthguard and it is the accuracy of fit that provides the protection.

Of course, mouthguards should be used for patients of all ages undergoing orthodontic treatment. Horrific soft gum, cheek and lip injuries can occur to patients with braces. The gums and soft tissues of the mouth can receive severe lacerations following trauma to the face, so it is very important to wear mouthguards that are specially made to fit over the braces. Here at CDIC, Dr. Hillel New has developed a technique whereby impressions can easily be taken with braces and mouthguards custom-made to fit over them.

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