Sleep Dentistry

For patients who are anxious or uncomfortable visiting the dentist, sleep dentistry is a great solution to prioritise your comfort and ensure you can still receive treatment. Don’t hold back from procedures you need — get in touch to find out if sleep dentistry is right for you.


What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry, sometimes referred to as sedation dentistry, is a technique of using general anaesthetic or other sedative measures to make patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during their dental treatment. 

One of sleep dentistry’s main uses is for patients who struggle with dental anxiety, allowing them to complete their treatment without any worry. In some cases, we may also opt to use sleep dentistry for younger patients and children to ensure they do not feel any fright or worry.

When do we use dental sedation?

Sleep dentistry may be an appropriate solution for patients who struggle with a low pain threshold or experience significant teeth sensitivity. Sedation can help to relax the patient and reduce how much they are able to feel during their treatment. We may also suggest sedating patients who struggle to lie still in the dental chair for lengthy appointments.

There are a variety of treatments that are recommended under general anaesthetic, including full arch dental implants, dental implants with grafting or oral surgery, as well as wisdom tooth extractions.

Benefits of sleep dentistry

Regularly visiting the dentist is important for lifelong oral health, but this can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. If you experience anxiety at the dentist or are sensitive to the sounds made by dental instruments, using sedation can be helpful to make for an easier interaction between dentist and patient.

Sleep dentistry also ensures that the dentist can work more easily through complex procedures, and often more efficiently, with patients not reacting as much to the different tools and techniques being used. Overall, sleep dentistry enhances oral health and creates a more positive relationship with your dentist.

Sleep Dentistry with Dr. Hillel New

As CDIC’s leading dentist, Dr Hillel New has been providing patients with exceptional dental care for over 32 years. Dr New has built a vast reputation for providing quality, pain-free treatments in both cosmetic and implant dentistry, and is often called upon for his expertise in identifying and troubleshooting problems with dental implants.

His dental treatment philosophy centres around a commitment to evidence-based dentistry, and he believes in effective communication as the key to treatment success and positive long-term relationships with his patients.

Is sleep dentistry safe?

Sleep dentistry is a very safe practice when administered by experienced and medically qualified anaesthetic specialists. You will be closely monitored during treatment to ensure your health is prioritised. Avoiding the dentist can also lead to a variety of consequences, including infection and tooth decay. If being sedated to some degree is the best way for you to feel comfortable at the dentist and receive these treatments, sleep dentistry is a much safer option than avoiding the treatments completely.


How much does sleep dentistry cost?

The cost of sleep dentistry will vary depending on the treatment you are undergoing while you are sedated, and the type of sedation you and your dentist decide is best. For a comprehensive quote on your sleep dentistry needs, get in touch with our friendly team to arrange a consultation visit with our dentists.

Medicare typically does not provide cover for dental treatments. However, you may be eligible for a significant Medicare rebate for sleep dentistry, specifically the anaesthetic component. As part of your quote, we can help you estimate how much your out of pocket costs may be.

Dental sedation services at CDIC

Regular treatment and examinations at the dentist are necessary for ongoing health, but we understand that can be frightening or difficult for some patients. Our sleep dentistry services can help you receive the care you need without discomfort, and ensure your oral health is maintained.

We welcome all new patients from across Melbourne and interstate looking for the highest standard of care. Book in a consultation for sleep dental today.