General Dentistry

A comprehensive approach to maintain a healthy smile for you and your family.


Caring for you and your family

Every person is born with a one-of-a-kind smile, and you deserve the absolute best in treatments when your smile needs it. Our dentists, hygienists and assisting staff pride themselves on giving you all the attention and care you need. Whether it’s general dental, cosmetic dentistry or implant solutions, you are always looked after to the highest standards.

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry deals with regular dental treatments, check-ups and maintaining your overall oral health. Our general dentistry services ensure you enjoy healthy teeth for life, while also helping you to manage facial or oral pain, teeth grinding and other related issues.


Your regular dental expert

Our general dental services are designed for anyone, to help you restore the health and longevity of your teeth, prevent disease and decay, and learn how to maintain a pristine condition with your own oral health habits. Book a consultation with our team and take your first step to a fuller smile with CDIC.