Dr Hillel Martin New

Highly acclaimed Dental Surgeon, Dr Hillel Martin New is one of the early implementers of dental implant treatments in Australian general dental practice as well as a pioneer of ‘Dento-Facial’ aesthetic assessments and makeovers.

He is the Principal Dentist at CDIC (Cosmetic Dental & Implant Centre), which he founded in 1994 in Armadale, Victoria (Australia). In private practice for more than 30 years, Hillel incorporates facial aesthetic treatments into his dental rehabilitation treatments providing patients with what he describes as a ‘Truly Informed Smile Makeover’.


Experience That is Second to None

In the mid-1990s, Implant dentistry emerged as the ‘world’s best practice’ solution for patients with a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Dr New with a special interest in surgical dental procedures, saw this as a wonderful opportunity to undertake training in this discipline, enabling him to offer his patients the best possible treatment options and outcomes.

Dr New has now placed over 5000 implants and has provided cosmetic makeover & restorative dentistry services to 10,000+ patients. Dr New’s experience in implant dentistry and his extensive knowledge of many implant systems has resulted in him being considered somewhat of an ‘Implant Treatment Trouble Shooter’ helping out clinicians who sometimes inherit complicated cases from outside of their practice, or those having trouble with their own patients. He is also sought out by patients returning from overseas having had substandard dental treatment in Asia wishing to have their often incomplete or failing treatments corrected.

Dr New has also been called upon by the Dental Board of Australia (AHPRA) as an expert witness to provide his opinion for them as well as also acting for Professional Indemnity Insurance companies who seek his advice regarding cases against their dental clients.


Education, Affiliations and Excellence

Dr Hillel New graduated from the University of Melbourne Dental School in 1991 obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Dental Science. Preceding his graduation, he was granted a 3-month position at the prestigious ‘Royal London Hospital’ in the role of Junior Oral Surgery House Officer enabling him to develop and hone his oral surgery skills very early on in his career.

In 1998, Dr New was given the opportunity to attend an exclusive implant restorative training program at the Branemark Centre in Perth, Western Australia, under the tuition of Professor Patrick Henry, one of the world’s leading educators in Implant Dentistry and Professor of Prosthodontics at the University of Western Australia.

12 months later, by invitation, Dr New was invited back to the Branemark Centre in Perth by Professor Henry to complete his surgical training. Over a period of 6 years, Dr New attended the Branemark Centre 4 times, trained to perform both the restorative and surgical phases of implant dentistry, as well as the advanced full jaw/arch rehabilitation techniques: “Branemark Novum – Teeth in a Day” in 2001 and the “All on Four” protocol way back in 2004, which incidentally was the first ever formal Australian All On 4 dental implants training program.

Dr New has also attended advanced dental implant, bone and soft tissue grafting courses at the Branemark Centre in Hong Kong and travelled to Goteburg Branemark Centre (Sweden) to participate in the very first NobelGuide training course held outside of North America. Dr New’s extensive international training has taken him to the University of Vienna (Austria) where he participated in a Vertical Bone Ring Augmentation Cadaver Course and a Masters Course at the University of Bern in Switzerland under the guise of the world famous Prof. Daniel Buser.


Dr Hillel New - Dental Implant Educator

With a passion for education, in the mid-2000s, Dr New began teaching other dentists implant restorative and surgical techniques for the Swedish Implant company Nobel Biocare. He conducted modular ‘Mentor Programs’ that were held over a 6-month period for dentists who needed a ‘kick start’ in their Implant Dentistry careers, lecturing, mentoring and performing ‘live surgery’ demonstrations for his students & mentees.

Dr New has also lectured for Nobel Biocare up and down the Australian Eastern Seabord, as far north as Townsville, and in 2006 he was invited to speak at the ‘Nobel Biocare World Tour’ in Sydney, which celebrated 40 years of Implant Dentistry.


What is Dr New up to now?

Nowadays, Dr New is no longer an exclusive Nobel Biocare clinician. He lectures and trains dentists for the Swiss ‘Straumann Group’ where he is one of their Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) for the Neodent Dental Implant range. In the past, Hillel was also a contracted KOL for the Multinational ‘3M’ company where he performed lectures and trained dentists as well as demonstrated the techniques to place ‘3M ESPE – Mini Dental Implants’. He has also performed live surgery demonstrations for Southern Implants (South Africa), demonstrating the techniques used to place their ‘Co-Axis’ range of implants.

With a commitment to providing patients with a ‘Truly Informed Smile Makeover’, Dr New has also attended training programs on Facial Injectables, Soft Tissue Fillers, Facial Skin Lifting, and Chin Sculpting with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) and in South Korea under the guise of Dr H Kwon – developer and innovator of the “Ultra – V” resorbable thread systems.

His passion to upskill his knowledge has taken him to many countries and he says, “It’s not about the country but the people we are working and trained with”.

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