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All On 4 Treatment at the
Official “All On 4 Clinic”

A perfect solution for patients who are missing all their teeth or have teeth in very poor condition (terminal). All On 4 is a great treatment alternative for patients do not have enough bone for regular implant treatment. It is a unique solution where no other options may be possible.

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All on 4 Clinic Armadale

Dr Hillel New at CDIC has been performing All On 4 treatments since 2005. The clinic is now 1 of a few select clinics across Australia that can call itself an official “All on 4 Plus Clinic”.

‘All On 4’ and ‘All On 4 Plus’ are treatments that refer to the replacement of a full set of teeth or a denture on ONLY FOUR (or occasionally more) dental implants.

Traditionally, dentist and dental specialists liked to place 6, 8 or even more dental implants in each jaw before restoring them with a full set of teeth. Over the years, an enormous amount of research has been carried out exploring how many implants and in what configuration they should be placed, without any one correct answer. What we do now know is that 4 implants work exceptionally well and the short and long-term success rates are generally no better when more implants are placed.

People with severely deteriorated teeth, teeth that cannot be predictably repaired and saved, or jaws that have suffered significant bone loss as a result of Gum (Periodontal) Disease are all potential candidates for this treatment.

These treatments help overcome the problems patients often have with not enough bone, especially in the back of the jaws. The bone ‘fades away’ following tooth extraction or as a result of gum disease. Since less implants are used, the need for bone grafting can often be overcome. Placing additional implants or preparing the jaw for additional implants as in ‘All On 4 Plus’ protocol, aims at building in a contingency plan for younger patients or patients who may be at higher risk of implant failure, such as smokers.

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Get Treatment From One of the Early Adopters in Australia for the “All On 4” Treatment

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Our Principal Dentist Dr Hillel New was amongst the first group of Australian dentists formally trained to perform “All On 4” treatments at the Branemark Centre in Perth, Western Australia back in 2004.

Ever since, he has been implementing this treatment and further educating himself on the modern trends in the field of dental implants including Pterygoid plate implants and Zygoma (Cheekbone) implants.

Over the years, Dr New has built a reputation for providing quality, pain free, cosmetic and implant dentistry and is often called upon for his expertise as an ‘implant problem trouble shooter’.
Many patients who attend our clinic have been told elsewhere that they were not suitable for dental implant treatment or they don’t have enough bone for implants.

In many of these cases, we can offer treatments similar to ‘All on 4’ and overcome the issues other practices cannot deal with.

An Alternative to Dentures

The teeth that are first placed on the implants are made using a very strong Titanium milled bar with high impact acrylic gums and teeth. These teeth are the final and permanent teeth and can last for a very long time in the mouth….. we have some patients that are still functioning of their original prosthesis some 10 years since they were first placed.

Typically, our ‘All On 4’ and ‘All On 4 Plus’ treatments are completed within 1-2 days, once the treatment has commenced. The traditional healing period for implants of 3– 6 months can be overcome by fixing the implants together with the rigid Titanium bar that supports the prosthetic teeth and having the patient adhere to a liquid / soft diet during the initial healing period.

Following successful implant integration, we have a range of upgrade offers for our patients to choose from (only necessary in those with a very strong bite or ‘grinders’) with significant discounts for those patients who choose to pay up front.

All On 4 Treatment At the Official “All On 4 Clinic”

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