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Stained or discoloured teeth? There is a Natural teeth whitening solution!

27 January 2015

Are your teeth looking a stained or discoloured?  Have they darkened over time? There is a natural teeth whitening solution!

Changes in the appearance of teeth can be due to the natural aging process, diet and lifestyle or from conditions such as enamel hypoplasia and fluorosis. Other causes can be from bacteria and certain medications (mainly Tetracycline antibiotics).

Diet and lifestyle are one of  the biggest culprits when it comes to teeth staining – beetroot, berries, coffee, tea (including green tea) and red wine can leave traces on the teeth, as can chewing or smoking tobacco.  Fortunately, new modern technology offers a Natural teeth whitening solution.  Using a safe and non abrasive formula the teeth can be hydrated, the stain lifted and  a much whiter smile achieved.

CDIC offers two types of teeth whitening solutions: Natural + In Chair whitening and Natural + take home whitening kits.  Both methods are safe, effective and painless although some tooth sensitivity may be experienced by a small percentage of people, usually subsiding once the whitening treatment is complete. Prior to either teeth whitening procedures, a thorough examination is required to assess the teeth suitability.

The In chair whitening procedure is performed at the CDIC clinic by one of our Oral Health Therapists (hygienist) and takes approximately 1 hour. A current tooth colour is assessed (then assessed again after the whitening to compare results) then whitening gel is applied to the teeth and then activated using an LED (not harmful UV) lamp, safely whitening the colour of the teeth. The gel agent we use has a neutral pH and safely penetrates the crystal structure of enamel and bleaches stain deposits within to lift the colour whilst the whitening lamp accelerates the process. This method is fast, convenient and effective in having an immediate result.  Natural + In Chair can optionally be boosted with a take home kit for future maintenance.

The take home option involves 2 appointments; at the first appointment impressions/moulds are taken of the teeth.  The moulds are then used to custom create thin clear trays which will fit comfortably to your teeth, at the second appointment the trays will be tried in your mouth to ensure a perfect fit and the gel will be demonstrated for you.  The take home kit includes the whitening  gel, case for the trays, polishing toothpaste, nourishing balm, toothbrush and a mirror.

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