Read This Before You Travel To Asia For A Dental or Cosmetic Procedure

It has become popular now, more than ever before, for people to elect to travel to Asia for Dental and Cosmetic Treatments/Procedures.

It is a phenomenon, as a dentist, that I just cannot understand. Do people also shop around for a cheap cardiac surgeon for their bypass heart surgery?  Do they look to save a thousand dollars and have a cheaper pacemaker inserted into their chest in a Balinese Hospital?

I wonder what is driving the notion of having a holiday where you have your dental implants placed, tummy tucked or face lifted and recovering by the side of a pool in a resort somewhere in a foreign country. Bali and Thailand are great places to visit for holidays but NOT FOR SURGERY!!

If you are contemplating dental treatment overseas, let this be a warning, my colleagues and I have had to remove many problematic dental implants that have been placed in Asia and it  can leave the jaws in a big mess. Sometimes we can resurrect these cases with new implants, however in other situations the situation is hopeless and patients are restricted to removable denture for the rest of their lives.  I am sure that there may be some good dentists doing some great work in these countries however it is a game of chance as to whether you will find a highly skilled clinician using high quality equipment or the inadequately trained clinician using poor quality, unsterilised instruments.

Dentistry in Australia may be more expensive at face value but those fees are due to the exceptional level of healthcare standards in our country..  It is not just the requirement of Australian Dentists to meet; infection control, health records, privacy act, work health and safety, therapeutic goods and radiation standards it is also a requirement of all Australian Dentists and Oral Health Therapists to complete a requisite number of hours of ongoing education and training to maintain their registration.  Seeing a dentist in Australia also means that you are covered by Australian consumer protection laws and health regulation standards.

At the Cosmetic Dental & Implant Centre, here in Melbourne, we offer a full range of general, cosmetic and implant rehabilitative procedures and welcome new patients to our clinic for consultations.  We pride ourselves on our level of infection control, commitment to ongoing education and using high quality materials to ensure optimal outcomes for all our our patients.

And if you are still considering Asia, then check out this link first: “British Woman Dies at Thai Cosmetic surgery Clinic”

Failed implants from the same patient. These look very different to the high quality titanium implants placed at Cosmetic Dental and Implant Centre
This x-ray shows a full mouth of implants that were placed in Bali. Sadly this patient has had to have all implants removed and will now need bone grafting to rehabilitate their mouth.