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Melbourne Implant Dentist – All On Four Treatment Success

20 September 2016

Today we followed up on an All On Four case performed earlier this year on a lovely 63 year old lady from country Victoria who had been suffering for many years with painful and deteriorated teeth.

This patient had been managing with an ill-fitting denture replacing a missing upper front tooth as well as multiple missing back teeth. Eating was difficult and not having back teeth to chew on was causing the rapid deterioration of her front teeth, that were in constant need of repair, not mention her diminished quality of life.

When she finally came to see me, she had ‘just had enough’ and seemed to be ‘chasing her tail’ with dentists unwilling to provide her with definitive treatment.

Following an extensive examination and consultation, 2 ‘treatment plans’ were presented to the patient.

  1. Placement of individual implants with crowns where teeth were missing and porcelain crowns on remaining weak and heavily filled teeth for strength and cosmetics.
  2. Removal of remaining teeth, Upper and Lower All On Four treatment.

See the results for yourself……….



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