Interdental Brushes – When you need them!

Many of us know about dental floss, but we rarely hear about interdental brushes. These handy tools are small, circular toothbrushes that work in difficult to reach spaces between your teeth. Together with dental floss, it’s considered a thorough hygiene combination for many of our patients.

Using interdental brushes reduces your chance of decay, root canal treatments and crowns, as well as a reduction in serious gum and bone disease.  If you wear braces, or any form of orthodontic retention, dental implants and bridges, interdental brushes are particularly useful tools to consider.

Easy to use, the brush works by slowly inserting the bristles with a gentle twist and wriggle action, easing the brush in so that the brush wire doesn’t buckle.

If you’re not sure of what brush size would best fit, come in and ask us at the Cosmetic Dental and Implant Centre. We’re happy to help.