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All you ever wanted to know about jaw pain…….. but were too sore to ask! The Temporomandibular Joint or commonly referred to as the ‘Jaw Joint’ or TMJ is where the lower jaw (Mandible) hinges with the Skull, just in front of and below the ear. TMJ pain is often called TMD, TMPD,TMJPD etc. Myofascial Pain is a similar condition that can also causes pain around the TMJ, chewing and facial muscles and structures. The TMJ is similar to a knee joint and its associated muscles help control the jaw during chewing, speaking and other jaw movements. TMJ pain can be caused by problems or damage to the joint itself or the muscles and related structures around the joint…. tooth grinding, muscles stress, dislocating / clicking joints, arthritis and trauma can all cause TMJ Pain.

Signs and Symptoms of TMD

Treatments for Jaw Pain

There are many different types of treatment for TMD and jaw pain. The treatment of choice for an individual will vary depending on the cause of the problem, however the best approach is usually a combination of treatments. The treatments are similar to those for Tooth Grinding and Bruxism. Following a thorough examination and evaluation by the dentist, a treatment regime will be recommended that may include.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Jaw and Migraine-Type Pain

More and more medical and dental clinicians around the world are discovering the many uses of ‘Anti-Wrinkle Medicines’ to aid in muscle relaxation which has a wide variety of therapeutic uses. Common ‘Anti-Wrinkle Medicinals’ have been approved for cosmetic and therapeutic treatments and these are considered ‘On Label’ uses. Treatment of Jaw Pain, Bruxism and TMD are all considered to be ‘Off label’ yet acceptable uses of these drugs. There a very few risks associated with these special injections whose effects generally wear off over a period of 3-6 months. The injections are painless as a very small needle is used and only a small volume of diluted Medicine is required for the desired effect.

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Dr. Hillel New received his Anti-Wrinkle Injection Training and Accreditation in the USA with the AAFE and it currently a associate member of that organisation.

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