Do You Know Where Your New Teeth Have Been, CDIC’s Dr Hillel New Warns!

In a recently published report, the US Food & Drug Admin found Dental restorations out of a laboratory in China to have “Green / brown Particulate Accumulation”. YUK!!!

Link below to FDA Report

“It astounds me still” says Dr New “that patients are still travelling to Asia on ‘Dental and Cosmetic Surgery Holidays’ or what is otherwise known as ‘Dental Tourism’.

“Patients come and see me for a consultation regarding their treatment needs before going overseas seeking cheap treatment. We assess them and provide treatment options, yet some still seek a holiday as well. Maybe I should set up a sunbed in my reception area and offer cocktails with little umbrellas” New say tongue in cheek.

On a serious note however, Dr Hillel New of CDIC / All On 4 Clinic Malvern is really worried about a trend that he does not see ending anytime soon. “Patients are putting their health and sometimes their lives in the hands of unaccountable health care providers. I have seen it all, as well as seen patient crying over the mistakes they have made going to places such as India and Thailand for dental treatment. One particular patient begged me to redo his ‘All On 4 surgery’ that should have been completed in India in 1 day….. the way we do it at All On 4 Clinics, however after 3 trips back to India he still didn’t have ‘All On 4’ and he had no money left to spend on fixing his problems.”

See Accompanying Picture of an Indian attempt at All On 4… in fact this was an overdenture that the patient was told was All On 4.

Concluding Dr New continues, “patients should also always make sure that they enquire even here in Australia as to where their teeth are being made. There are lots of overseas Asian Labs receiving work form Australian dentist who send work abroad to increase profit margins. All On 4 clinics have an onsite dental lab, so patients can actually see where their teeth are made.”

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