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Dental Implant education by Dr Hillel New

12 September 2017

On July 28th 2017 Dr Hillel New conducted a full day training course for Victorian dentists. The title of the event was “Get started with Implant Prosthetics”. Dr Hillel New has been training dentists in the art of implant treatments for well over 10 years now as we can see here in pictures taken during the recent event held at Crown Promenade in Melbourne. Dentists were lectured on Dental Implant theory and Treatment Planning with practical exercised also being conducted.
Dr New makes himself available for individual dentist mentoring in the field of Dental Implantology and has lectured extensively across Australia for international implant manufacturers. On this particular occasion he was lecturing for the internationally Renowned Swedish Implant company ‘Nobel Biocare’.
‘Nobel Biocare’ is a world leading company in the field of implants and implant based dental restorations.