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Gum Lifting and Crown Lengthening

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A Gum Lift or Crown Lengthening procedure is commonly used to treat ‘Gummy Smiles’. When someone smiles and a lot of gum is visible above the top teeth or when the top front teeth appear short and square, you are said to have a ‘gummy smile’.

A Gum Lift can be performed to remove excess gum and expose more of the natural ‘hidden’ white tooth material / enamel. Removing the excess gum and reshaping of the gum line to create a symmetrical gumline (zenith) can give a fuller, more aesthetically pleasing smile, in most cases giving you a younger and more youthful appearance.

A Gum Lift is sometimes described as a ‘crown lengthening’ procedure. Dentists often refer to the treatment as ‘crown lengthening’ when it is performed in a non aesthetic zone for functional and gum health purposes. A small amount of gum and occasionally some underlying bone is carefully and gently removed from around a tooth, resulting in a longer looking tooth. This procedure may also be recommended before a tooth is prepared for a crown. If the tooth is too short or the tooth has filling material that lies below the gumline, the removal of a small amount of gum can significantly improve the success and longevity of dental treatments, such as tooth crowning.

What’s Involved In A Gum Lift?

The procedure is minimally invasive with almost no postoperative discomfort.

On the first visit, a little anaesthetic is given to numb the area and a small amount of gum is removed from around the tooth. A few small sutures and a dressing may be placed around the tooth / teeth to protect it during the initial healing period. A week later a short return visit is arranged to review the healing and remove any sutures and dressing material that may have been placed.

A period of two to three months is generally required for continued healing and gum maturation before the tooth can be prepared for its final restoration.

What’s Involved In A Gum Lift?

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