ADA and Choice are making the call for clearer sugar labelling of foods and Dr New of CDIC Malvern couldn’t agree more

A read of the article linked below outlines how our food and drink products are not required to list the amount of sugar on their labels and Dr Hillel New of Cosmetic Dental & Implant Centre thinks this is deplorable. It is important to have a healthy balanced diet and know what’s is in the food and drinks we ingest, especially the sugar content as sugar negatively contributes to tooth decay, obesity, diabetes and other health issues.

Here at CDIC (Cosmetic Dental & Implant Centre) we have been teaching our patients about what foods and drinks to avoid, especially those sugary sports drinks that contains large amount of sugar like ‘Gatorade’, ‘Powerade’ and the like. It is important to educate Australians on reading food and drink labelling so we can encourage a healthier diet and avoid tooth decay. Watch the Video in the Choice campaign link and have your say on sugar content food labelling.