Read this interesting article published in The Weekend Australian Newspaper on 7th October 2017 titled “Fly-In, Fly-Out Cosmetic Surgeons take practice too far”.

Dr Hillel New of Facelab Malvern discusses the perils of fly-in fly-out doctors and unsuitably qualified persons performing cosmetic procedures outside of a strict clinical environments.

The newspaper article highlights numerous deaths and complications associated with treatments performed by these overseas trained doctors coming to Australia and some cosmetic nurses that haven’t had sufficient training.

Dr New suggests that if you are interested in having cosmetic procedures such as anti-wrinkle injection, skin fold fillers, or facial laser treatments, it is important to do thorough research on the person you are seeing first.

He also advises to beware of shop front “cosmetic clinics” that offer these treatments without adhering to strict infection control practices and don’t have the necessary equipment to deal with a medical emergency.

“Find a well trained dentist or plastic surgeon if you are interested in looking younger, fresher and brighter” says Dr New “and make sure they meet the appropriate Australian standards”.