Malvern Dentist (CDIC) discusses the link between Oral Health and Pneumonia

It is important to always look after your teeth and have regular dental visits to avoid the development of tooth decay and to clean away the bacteria that live in your mouth.

A recent study published in a Geriatric Medical Journal has further outlined the link between oral health care and Pneumonia in elderly patients. Aspiration pneumonia occurs when bacteria from the oral cavity is drawn into the respiratory system (lungs). Bacteria present in the oral cavity are implicated in the development of aspiration pneumonia and many studies have shown that regular oral care can reduce the frequency of pneumonia onset and associated mortality.

Dr New stresses how important it is to have regular dental cleaning appointments to make sure that the bacteria that lives in the mouth is kept to a minimum and cleaned away 6 monthly to avoid the possibility of pneumonia, especially in elderly patients. Just as important, Dr New stresses a visit to the dentist prior to any elective surgery, during which bacteria found in the mouth has been known to travel down the breathing tube into the lungs.

Finally Dr New concludes that good oral health is imperative to help prevent many other systemic diseases; Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Neurovascular problems, pregnancy complications, some cancers arthritis etc.