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Double Chin Reduction / Chin Sculpting

Long-lasting, proven and noticeable treatment to produce a desirable contoured jawline and neck profile.
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Achieve a slimmer neck and chin during your lunch break

Is your double chin preventing you from living your best life? Don’t like your front profile due to your sagging chin? You’re not alone: double chins are a common beauty concern for both men and women. Regardless of how much you exercise or how good your diet is, the fullness under your chin may just not go away.

Whether it’s a factor of ageing or genetics, one thing is for certain: you may feel and look heavier or older than you really are.There are ways to treat it without having to ‘go under the knife’.

CDIC offers double chin reductions and chin sculpting treatments that are non-invasive, virtually pain-free and with minimal down time. Best of all, they take as little as 30 – 60 minutes, so you can have a jawline treatment while on your lunch break!

How does double chin reduction work?

Double chin reduction removes stubborn fat from your chin and jawline by process of apoptosis. This is the targeting of fat cells by injecting a ‘fat dissolving’ solution into the problem areas . The fat cells are dentured and then dissolve with the release fat cells naturally disposed of through your body’s lymphatic system. The result? A naturally sculpted and defined jawline that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. If you want to reduce your double chin appearance, produce a well-toned lower face profile and sculpt your chin for a slimmer contour, speak to Dr. Hillel New today.

An effective, non-invasive cosmetic treatment

Got a longer lunch break? If you’re feeling self-conscious about the thickness of your chin, let us treat it for you with chin sculpting. Using fat-dissolving injections that are inserted into your affected areas, our clinical dentists professionally administer the fat dissolving solutions that work to eliminate the fat cells.

Taking 30-60 minutes on average, we recommend two to four treatments three to four weeks apart for optimal results. Re-treatment is not needed in most cases, but we do recommend you return for a singular maintenance treatment every few years. Are you ready to get rid of stubborn and unwanted fat around your chin? Contact Dr. Hillel New today for chin sculpting and double chin reduction.

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