Dental Ceramic Veneers…………. is CADCAM dentistry the way of the future

Dr Hillel New of CDIC, Facelab Malvern was interviewed recently about cosmetic dentistry, in particular ceramic dental veneers.

Read here “Brighten your smile without digging deep”, a feature article in the Sunday Age October 27th 2017 where Dr New discusses the many features of cosmetic dental veneers. The article mentions indications for ceramic and porcelain veneers, including the design and manufacturing process involved in their construction. Importantly, the article also reveals some important truths about dental tourism and why people should avoid going overseas, especially to Asian countries for cheap dental work.

Finally, Dr New explains how he can perform a ‘Digital Smile Design’ mock-up for a patient that gives them a pretty good idea as to what results can be expected without even bringing the drill to the mouth.