CDIC Dentists & FACELAB Introduce ‘NightLase’ Treatment for Snoring Reduction

Is snoring effecting your ability to get a decent nights rest or worse have you been ‘sent’ to the couch?

CDIC and Facelab has introduced a non-invasive treatment using the latest technology available to manage snoring and enable you to get better nights sleep.

‘NightLase’ is a laser based treatment designed by Fotona (The World Leader in Medical and Dental Laser Technology) to help relieve the symptoms of both Snoring and sometimes Sleep Apnoea.

At CDIC and Facelab this treatment is performed as a course of 3-5 sessions over a 6-10 week period. The procedure is quick and requires no anaesthesia – it’s painless. The procedure is done in 2 Stages, using a laser to treat the tissue in the back of the mouth. This first part of the treatment is ‘preconditioning’ – this gently heats the tissues. The second stage ‘Tissue Strengthening’ causes the collagen fibres in the soft palate and surrounding areas to tighten reducing vibrations and opening the airway allowing better air flow.

Studies have shown that 80% of patients have reported more than a 50% improvement after their second ‘Nightlase’ treatment.

Why choose ‘NightLase’ over other treatments available?
  • Minimal discomfort if any
  • Non-invasive, so no surgery is required
  • No uncomfortable anti-snoring devices need to be worn
  • Extremely easy to perform
  • No downtime and can be done in a lunch break before returning to work
  • Can reduce the effects of Snoring and help reduce some Sleep Apnoea in as little as 2 treatments with improvement felt even after the first.

(NB: Of course individual results may vary).

So how much will it cost to get back into bed?

Treatment cost? $500 per session (3-5 sessions required)                                                                            SAVE 20% on a course of treatment (4 sessions) when you prepay $1600 ($400 Saving).